Nov 26, 2009

Greatest tragedy of ...Love.

Half of the colors in this world and many of the words in every language seem to be invented for the expression of love probably because it is very important to express love and more than that it is not possible to control this expression of love.We never stop expressing it, because we can not and we should not.
But, there is something which I can not understand and I find it a greatest tragedy for 'Love' . It is evident from my exaggerated introduction of love that love is undeniably overrated.
It is very important to "feel" it because beauty of love truly reveal itself when it is underrated and not "Over-intellectualized". The introductory lines illustrate the intellectualizing of love.

Now, let me talk about something which is to the point and related to the topic.
The greatest tragedy of love started existing when people begun to over intellectualize it without paying much attention to the experience or expression of 'feelings'. Expression or experience of feelings allow you to be very unique in your approach or experience of love which usually does not happen when you emphasize solely on intellectualism. So, when most of us started to take our feelings for-granted we denied or blocked our very own and unique spirituality: the soul of our soul, the life of our life . And here is where the tragedy begun because from here we start to malfunction and misunderstand 'Love'. In this way most of us don't allow our self for the experience of love at its fullest.

Every human innately knows 'how' to love a person from your heart but the problematic thing is that are you sure this is 'Love' ? sadly, most of us do not know and may never know the answer. The worse case is when most of us tend to misunderstand love forever and later when everything goes wrong their is either 'Love' or 'God' to blame for it. There are many songs on the destruction of Love , aren't there?.
Ask yourself, could something like 'Love' would be destructive?, No. So, who is this which is making love problematic and destructive for you?, God? or Human?.

Actually, according to me anything which makes you realize your inner self your soul, or evokes great goodness in you, or provides you a valuable bond with God, is --Love. And everything which makes you feel shattered and breaks you into pieces or separates you from God and goodness is not love and it can never ever be Love. This, for me is an easy way to truly understand love and to stop making our life tragic in the name of so called love. Being misunderstood is the greatest tragedy for the 'feeling of Love'.

Only love mystifies a soul and modifies body in soul. If this is not happening with you then try to 'think' and 'feel' the reason.


Painting: Eduard Manet 1882.


  1. ha ha :D sorry, ur post is fine enough :D and in no way i m makin fun of it.Its love i found funny.Love is a funny thing.I have contemplated on love from countless no of angles and emotions and still clueless :D So wherever i see something on love, i read it hoping it will help me find something tangible..the mantra..but till date i dint find nething new i havnt explored already. So when i finished reading ur post, a feeling of amusement kicked in due to experience dat all dis in most probability will lead to no destination and still people seek it :D :D

  2. True...!
    truth without a veil is always uninteresting to the human mind.

    In my experience, Its a kind of feeling and expressions evaluating towards Perfect Beauty step by step.

    Rather you may feel it through any medium.

    janoon ko Tu nay ae hamdam nahi samjha janoon kiya hay?

    janoon ki shaan ko main Ishq ka Unwaan samjhta hoon

    Saroor e Daaemi Bakshaa hay Mujhko IshK ne

    Saraapa Multamis hoon main Ishk Ko Yazdaan samajhtaa hoon

    Aray Dosto Sair e Faisal Mat Poocho kia hay Maajra

    Abhi to me Raah e IShq ki Ibtdaa Samjhta hoon.

  3. Either you are syaing about Fidielity.