Oct 28, 2010

"skip" option in life.

I'm wondering that sometimes you choose 'Skip' option in life because you are too tired of the 'pause' button, wanting to get back to the start line while you are at the finishing point. Just to start fresh, but, you fail to do so because there is nothing fresh..there are no aspirations no inspirations no chances. Just... like when you desperately want to write something and there are no ideas in your mind. Its like the train has started to move and you are still standing on the platform..looking at it. Can not decide whether to hop in or to let go every dream, memory and moments with the train.......with each passing moment eyes are losing clarity. It is difficult to let go the world...but it is three times more difficult to find no pleasure in pleasure.
You tell yourself that everything is fine and then absorbed in a totally different
situation..suddenly you remember something and all that warmth you feel in your heart, run through your eyes. I really wish I knew a language which nobody else could understand....so that I could pour my heart out in words and nobody could read and understand it.