Apr 30, 2011


Love is blind and heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. Its up to us to decide whether we stick to reason or madness.
If a person analyze his/her madness with mind/rationality/intellect than he/she is only going to see a self so naked and old with wrinkles of regrets, shame and guilt. Because this is what happens when we dissect madness and passion under our magnifying glass of intellect.

If a passionate/mad in love person analyze the reasons/intellect/rationality with a madness, what he/she only see would be a love without passion, a love that is so full of empty and hollow words that it would fill you with feelings of nothingness, emptiness and confusions.
so, its either mad love or rational love. The combination leads to a never ending conflict and dilemma...causing so much pain


Apr 15, 2011


PAIN……….. PAIN…….. PAIN……….
Overworked…. Tired…. Sleepless …Hungry….
I tried to live in the moment…and in this moment I am crying my eyes out.
What do I get from this random catharsis on my stupid blog which even I don’t read? What do I get from this? …what do I get from this….? What do I get from this?