Dec 28, 2009

M.A Jinnah bleeded to death.

I'm very unfortunate that last month I got the chance to see Investigative journalist Faheem Siddiqui on Azfar Mani show when he was talking lovingly about his adorable son with moist eyes. Now, would he ever be able to even talk about his son? who died in M.A Jinnah blast today along with other people. I would forget everything within a week but would I be able to forget if it would ever happen to me?
What sort of gratification people are getting by burning the livelihood of other people (Bolton market) to ashes?.
I can not change this. The only one I can change is myself.

Am I forgetting a little too much? am I forgetting to make an important and productive resolution for the new year?

Dec 18, 2009

Appreciation and Criticism

Appreciation and Criticism, both get demented when they are taken to the point of irrationality.

Dec 15, 2009

People come into your life for a reason.

This video reminds me a lot about many sudden, unexpected and strange occurrences in my life and in the life of people around me or close to me.This philosophy is among the very first lessons which I have observed in my life.

Dec 14, 2009


There must be a way to heal the holes in souls. The existence of pain is the evidence of cure. There must be a way.

Dec 4, 2009


The first and the most easiest step after determining a path for your self is to talk and write about it. Everything at that time seem very easy and perfect and it becomes hard to control the enthusiasm and the urge to move forward from 'talking' to 'doing' . The practice becomes the second part where you gradually introduce yourself to all the pieces in the puzzle of your path. Its like allowing yourself to enter the cold water gradually. After this step you begin to think that you can envision it far and deep. But with time you realize the flaws of your perception and foresight.But I'm not talking about he processes involved in reaching your goal and I would concentrate on one aspect that made me feel something which is very important to share. Each and every claim we make and every word that we utter gets tested or tricked. The test/trick/trap may differ person to person but all these test have one thing in common and that is their ability to transfer pain into the most fragile aspect of yourself, the ability to HURT you, the ability to break your world by breaking your heart and they do know that what are you most sensitive about and what can be intensely painful for you. Do a favor to yourself in that test phase by living with that pain along with determination. This pain has the ability to make you negative. It would ask you to abandon your goal and do something negative like indulging into your own self or depending on any sort of addiction etc. Use this pain as a fuel for determination not for destruction and don't step back because I'm not stepping back.

If I can reuse to fall into the trap and if I have decided to face it then you can too and I completely trust that you will.
Remember, the one who allows pain to stay silently in his/herself and does not allow it to come out in any form of negativity is always blessed by the gift of Bravery and Chivalry does not necessarily mean tearing lion's jaw apart.

Dec 3, 2009

In an attempt to change the Void ..

I have pointed out something in myself today which has been unknown for so long. I wanted to change or the better word would be 'Grow', I desperately wanted to grow as a human and I wanted to kick everything evil out of me. But, my desperation blinded me to see something very important within my self. I have been a super assertive, Sarcastic and quick-to-point-flaws kind of person and couple of years ago I realized that I was hurting many people who were slightly extra sensitive. So, I decided to change and I started abandoning and rejecting that part of my self until it faded away. But now I have decided to be myself again for a while until I figure out a way to modify and integrate these cerebral aspects of my personality with 'something' which would have the ability of balancing these aspects.
And why am I thinking of doing this? : Because, I have realized that you can never change yourself by rejecting yourself. You have to be yourself in order to change yourself. Because when you start rejecting yourself a void is created as a replacement of your rejected self and friends, Void can not be changed, modified, nurtured or grown.

Dec 1, 2009

Unnecessary necessity

Don't we complicate simple things when we superficially tend or try to think out of the box?
Or when we attempt to over-analyze things/concepts/themes ?