Dec 3, 2009

In an attempt to change the Void ..

I have pointed out something in myself today which has been unknown for so long. I wanted to change or the better word would be 'Grow', I desperately wanted to grow as a human and I wanted to kick everything evil out of me. But, my desperation blinded me to see something very important within my self. I have been a super assertive, Sarcastic and quick-to-point-flaws kind of person and couple of years ago I realized that I was hurting many people who were slightly extra sensitive. So, I decided to change and I started abandoning and rejecting that part of my self until it faded away. But now I have decided to be myself again for a while until I figure out a way to modify and integrate these cerebral aspects of my personality with 'something' which would have the ability of balancing these aspects.
And why am I thinking of doing this? : Because, I have realized that you can never change yourself by rejecting yourself. You have to be yourself in order to change yourself. Because when you start rejecting yourself a void is created as a replacement of your rejected self and friends, Void can not be changed, modified, nurtured or grown.


  1. Its remarkable to realize that problem is not wid certain quality, its wid the way of expressing it

  2. I think

    Once a thought or wish is released, its effect is influenced most by the original thinker, who is always attuned to it. If such a one says or thinks something against it, it immediately reaches the mental plane on the breath and destroys all the concentration that has been set up there. No accommodation being made on the mental plane, there can be no success on the physical plane.

    This is a law of nature. Just try to observe it.

  3. Your language is higher than my understanding. And advices are always tough to my patience specially when they are given by certain kind of people.