Dec 28, 2009

M.A Jinnah bleeded to death.

I'm very unfortunate that last month I got the chance to see Investigative journalist Faheem Siddiqui on Azfar Mani show when he was talking lovingly about his adorable son with moist eyes. Now, would he ever be able to even talk about his son? who died in M.A Jinnah blast today along with other people. I would forget everything within a week but would I be able to forget if it would ever happen to me?
What sort of gratification people are getting by burning the livelihood of other people (Bolton market) to ashes?.
I can not change this. The only one I can change is myself.

Am I forgetting a little too much? am I forgetting to make an important and productive resolution for the new year?


  1. I understand your feelings, but what change are you thinking to bring? Sometimes we feel too helpless to do anything, but please do not forget at least pray. That's the best we can do.

  2. Mind the grammar, I'm not in the best streak these days :-)

  3. Happy New Year!!!

    have a fantastic New year

  4. Lol I'm not some sort of Grammar-Nazi.Grammar is trivial.

  5. I don't think that a Human, an "Ashraf-ul-makhlooq" can be helpless. Not until they have faith in God, Passion in heart,and practicality in head.
    We are not some sort of 'priests' and we aren't meant solely for offering dua without the consideration of realism and rationalism.
    I try to keep believing in the power of 'doing' plus praying.
    And I can't advertise the most important thing in my life on a blog lol so I'm afraid I can't tell you what you have asked regarding change.
    But I certainly have clues for those who can understand.
    Thank you for reading and understanding.

  6. Khud apni laash hay ab Doo ba doo Tamaasha hay.


  7. Dear here in a comment you are neglecting your own conclusion given in your own post.

  8. She is neglecting her own thoughts in the 2nd post? How can you declare it, Faisal? As a reader of her blog, I want to be aware of it.

  9. Dear please read her conclusions that had been concluded from a Drama.

  10. I have never excluded Spirituality from practicality at-least not in my head. I think that you felt that I'm disintegrating it which lead you to believe that I'm contradicting in my statements, Right?