Aug 20, 2010

What's your plan?

Days of floods are here and most of the people I know sadly are in deep despair due to the situation of the city and country. They don't tell me anything apart from the frustration they are experiencing because they feel helpless about changing the scenario. They feel they can not change anything.Some of them are thinking about the reasons why all this is happening. Few come up with reasons concerning religion and few of them blame the big daddies of our Government. Everybody is doing the same thing in different guises--They are all sincerely trying to figure out the reasons. Their worrisome tones and confused thoughts reminds me of all the dark things. So......I asked myself that what I should do now. What should I think? What kind of philosophy should I develop of this whole scenario? I asked myself that is this all so severe that I could actually think of changing my life goal? that I could actually become more serious about life? Shall I read and watch news 24/7 like many other people in hope of developing political sensibility?? In hope of unveiling the secrets of government and their big hidden plans? and what if I actually got to know everything ..what if I manage to catch the picture of whole scenario clearly?Then what? what would be the next step? French revolution?

So, what should I do?and BINGO! about gaining some inspiration out of the whole scenario? How about using this pain, fear, anger and frustration as a fuel? how about not wasting my time and energy on discussing and reading frustrating articles and watching negative news all day long and utilizing the time and energy to stick to a plan with persistence and consistency?
A plan for providing emotional and rational support to your colleagues,students, class mates, cousins etc?A plan for giving your youngsters better ideology instead of trash news channel info?A plan for standing up for others? A plan for focusing on betterment of your self?A plan for cracking 3 jokes per day to lighten up someone's mood?A plan for saving your money to feed the needy ones?A plan for planting suitable plants in the locality?( My environmental science's sir's favorite plan)A plan to write something inspirational?or bigger plans relating to jumping right into the scenario?
So, what's your plan? ...kya scene hai?

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