Dec 14, 2010


Hmmm...I have been thinking a lot on certain issues and I came to a conclusion that, LOVE always exist between souls (All human beings). Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find it. Sometimes you are the only one who have to make an effort and dig. A love story always exists between souls. Its up to you whether you explore it or let it die unexplored. Its upto you that how you design your love story.

Sometimes relations exist between the souls but love stories start very late between people because they decide to dig very late. For instance, Love story of a daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law, Love story of two sisters, Love story of married couples etc.The crucial question is, Do you want a love story?. The simplest solution is: Design your own. Take initiative.

Love truly and passionately and don't regret if it turned out to be unsuccessful. At least you experienced something which is closest to magic :).Plus, there is no end to any love story. You always cherish and remember it with varying intensity.


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