Dec 15, 2010


There is endless pain without any kind of direction. Pain without direction is the most dangerous energy in the world. It traps you in an inexpressive whirl of madness yet it sets your soul completely free and independent. A soul which belong to no place and a soul without a home is like a naked body lying in the snow which gets colder and colder and bluer and bluer with each moment. Its like you are lying on the bed of needles and each needle is piercing you deep inside, one moment you feel intense pain and next moment you don't feel anything you become numb due to so much pain. You become prisoner of your pain. What should I tell you when you ask me that despite of so many people I don't consider anybody my friend?
But, isn't it a chapter in everybody's book of life?. For some people this chapter extends to other chapters and for some people this chapter covers the whole story.
I am scared… I have no motivation to get out of this mess. This scares me the most..having no motivation and constantly engaging into behaviors that are not productive and could lead to destructive patterns. I feel immense pain and I don’t know how to channelize it …I just don’t want to do anything… this scares me…

- Zaofishan.

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  1. "...I have no motivation to get out of this mess"
    - what mess?