Jan 16, 2011


So..... I hear people endlessly talk about the latest movies they have seen, the book they have managed to read which nobody else could in such short span of time, I hear the unwanted news about the tv anchors, actors, news reporters, I hear endless gossips, I hear endless suggestions on the way I should dress up, ...and I hear endless immature flattering comments on myself which I neither like nor trust...and then I end up looking back into the time when I was all about this...In fact more worse than I could ever mention. So, all this shouldn't annoy or irritate me. But, I am too mad to be annoyed...I am too lost to be irritated...I am too numb to be enraged ...I have lost my path into a tunnel as empty, shallow and hollow as myself. A tunnel with so much void in it..with so much light in it that it eventually make you go blind and with this blind vision...I wander..I run..I jump ..I scream..... Where is the substance? I need emotions, I need warm, humane conversations about birds, about how does it feel when heart breaks, about rain, about how much your mother loves you, about that incident which made you closer to God or which turned you into a disbeliever, about when you cried your eyes out, about your silliest mistake..Where is that truth? ..where is that purity?...where is that substance....where are those people ....?
But, my voice gets lost in thousands of other voices.



  1. oho! Pretty sad post :D

    "the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments"

    People do these immature things as they find happiness in it. Of course according to you they aren't "mature" but they love everything around them. Movies, way of dressing, tv anchors, actors, news reporters, books etc they want to discuss these topics as they are fond of it similar to the topics u've mentioned to talk about.

    Purity is everywhere my friend. It's just hidden, deep within these gossips, talks of movies etc. Some find it unintentionally, some intentionally.

  2. have read all your comments and I would only like to say this to you :

    " You see what you are".

    We interpret others' writings according to our knowledge and level of experience

    Thanks a lot for reading. . :)

  3. umm... yup.. true.. but sometimes even an experienced person gets mistaken in interpreting certain things. hehe